Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis is a disorder that cause stiffness thereby resulting in pain in the shoulder joint. This condition leads to the loss of normal range of motion of the shoulder, leaving the affected individual unable to perform even simple physical activities
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Best Knee Replacement Surgeon In Chandigarh Mohali - Dr. Manu Mengi - Joint Pain Doctor
The knees are one of human body’s most utilized joints — they bear approximately 3-4 times the body weight with each step. The staggering amount of work the knees perform means that most people will invariably face knee pain at some point of their lives.
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Tender, swollen joints that ache when you move – you could be suffering from Bursitis, a painful medical condition wherein bursae – the small, fluid filled sacs that work as cushion between the bones, muscle and tendons around the joints have become inflamed.  The human
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Sports injuries generally occur for two different reasons: trauma and overuse.  While traumatic sports injuries are usually obvious, dramatic scenes, like when we see a player fall down clutching their knee, overuse injuries are actually more common. Traumatic Sports Injury Overuse injuries often occur when the body is
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Proximal fibular osteotomy (PFO) is a simple, innovative surgical procedure that’s fast becoming the go-to pain relief solution for knee osteoarthritis patients. It’s less invasive than other prevalent surgical procedures recommended for the same medical conditions, highly effective in treating knee pain and improving the
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