Tennis elbow is the condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender. The origin of forearm muscles and tendons become damaged with the repetitive use of the wrist which causes an extreme pain. The pain initially starts on the outside
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The marvelous strength and flexibility that’s engineered into your lower back also make it susceptible to developing lot of problems and one of the most significant orthopedic health problems today is low back pain. Most episodes of low back pain are caused by damage to
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Tendinitis is a discomfort of the tendon. It results in pain outside the joint. There are many tendons in the body, but this condition is mainly witnessed in wrists, heels, shoulders and elbows. Some frequently used names for different kinds of tendinitis includes pitcher’s shoulder,
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Knee Replacment Surgeon in Chandigarh Mohali
If you are about to undergo a knee replacement surgery, it is important to know the extent of pain that it involves, and the recovery period that follows. A knee replacement surgery is a major surgery, and a patient needs time to adjust to the
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COMMON QUESTIONS ANSWERED Heel pain is one of the commonest conditions for which patient visits doctor especially orthopedic surgeons. There are various causes for this and the most common condition is: PLANTAR FASCITIS This is basically swelling of a thick layer of soft tissue under
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